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What is the Storybook?

The storybook is a collection of handpicked stories from the Nostalgic Society and entails stories of all sorts. It’s a visual “book” reminding us of good times and memories that are worth sharing. We understand that all stories are different, so there’s no one vibe that suits all, but you know what we’re going for. You know our mission. We want you to recognise the simple things in life without the distractions of modern society.

You’re a content creator. You’re a storyteller. You’re simply a person who lives for the finer things in life and loves taking a flick while doing so. This is for you.

Submit your story, social links and gallery of photos (with a subtle feature of Warm Beans of course) below and we’ll handpick our favourites to be included in the Storybook!

Love ya legends 🤙

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