Garment Care

Our tips to caring for your WARM BEANS garments:

We design and manufacture our clothing to last, and undertake thorough quality control before sending your garment out to you.

There’s always going to be general wear and tear which adds to the character of your garment.

However, naturally with all clothing, the better you care for it, the longer it lasts.

1. Cold Wash

Our most common material – cotton, is a natural fibre meaning that it does not react well to high temperatures and may cause shrinking or colour bleeding. We recommend washing using a cold temp!

2. Don't iron prints

Most of our prints are printed onto the garment using long-lasting and high-quality plastisol ink. By ironing, you may melt or even de-tatch the design from the garment.

3. Wash inside out

This helps to reduce the friction on the outside of your garment, protecting the print and also keeping your garment looking as new as possible.

4. Don't dry clean

Dry cleaning may impact the colour of the garment.

5. Don't tumble dry

If tumble drying, garments may fade, fray or shrink with the high temperatures – despite being pre-shrunk. It can also cause your garment fabric to wear faster than standard wear and tear.

6. Love me

The most important thing is to love your Warm Beans. Love makes the world go round.

And it keeps your garments looking fresh. Follow our tips to ensure your kit last!