Meet Harry Nathan

Our mate Harry Nathan.

He’s a good bean.

A very good bean.

Introducing Haz Bean.

Someone we’re proud to call a friend and a society legend, Harry is a producer, singer, songwriter & DJ from Sydney, Australia.

His sound is a fresh take on lo-fi house & laidback disco, residing between the lines of reality and fantasy, both sonically and visually in his storytelling.

Harry’s music sets the epitome of who he is as a human bean, personality and friend – laidback, loving the nostalgic vibe and always a good time.

Being the legend and acclaimed artist he is, Harry has collaborated with people all around the globe, even winning over 50 independent short film awards for his music videos; winning the Sydney Short Film Festival, Toronto Short Film Festival, as well as Best Fantasy Film at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

With the mutual love of nostalgia and the good vibes, Warm Beans and Harry Nathan teed up a project and decided to cook up something good, releasing their first project together in the form of the retro Haz Bean Socks.

Making a big statement with only 100 pairs available (in packs of 2), they sold out in record time – NEVER to be released again.

Till next time… stay tuned 🤙

Check out some of his music on Spotify: